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RPM Innovations Pty Ltd is a Family Company that started in 2005. Based in Carina on Brisbane’s Southside RPM launched by importing a range of specialised lubricants from the USA. The ProTecta range quickly gained a foothold in the South East Queensland market and developed a strong band of loyal users. While still a fledgling company when the GFC hit, RPM continued to grow its market share locally and took on agents to increase their distribution across Australia. RPM started to expand its product range firstly within the lubricants category and then into new categories. Originally starting out as RPM Lubricants, the name change to RPM Innovations signifies the core of the RPM product range. Whilst there are millions of products out there that anybody can and does copy, RPMs mission is to be at the forefront of new and innovative products. Whether that is something completely new that satisfies an unquenched need in the market or a change or adjustment to an old product that makes it better for its user RPM is always looking to bring innovative products to the market. From hardware to fishing gear and from around the house to in your truck RPM Innovations is working to provide products that will make things easier and more enjoyable for you.
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RPM Innovations Wins Prestegious Award BACK TO BACK!

Each year wholesalers in the fishing and boating industry gather together for the AFTA Show, a huge expo where retailers from all over Australia and the South Pacific come to look at their product ranges and new releases. As part of the expo, new release products are put up for a variety of awards with the retailers all having a chance to vote on their favourite products. This year RPM Innovations went back to back winning the Best In Show for the Best Outdoor and Camping Product for their new Smokin’ Hot Rocket Stove. It was a great honour to have our retailers again recognise our efforts to come up with new and innovative products and we hope you enjoy using them as much as we do!

Best in Show  Best Outdoor / Camping Product